Missing Man Post 667
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Post History

The History of Missing Man Post No. 667

Missing Man Post No. 667 is located at 504 Bowie Street in the town of Universal City (Bexar County), Texas.  It is located just outside the main gate of Randolph Air Force Base, known in the 1930's and the 1940's as “The West Point of the Air” and in later years as “The Showplace of the Air Force”.  Randolph Field was dedicated on June 20, 1930 as a flying Training Wing.  Randolph Field was named after Captain William Millican Randolph, a native of Austin, Texas.  He died in an AT­4 aircraft accident on February 17, 1928 after his AT­4 crashed during takeoff.  On January 13, 1948 Randolph Field was renamed Randolph Air Force Base.  In August 2001 the National Park Service designated Randolph as a National Historic Landmark.

In 1975 Edward S. (Ed) Dailey and several Veterans who lived in this area got together and thought that it would be a good idea to form an American Legion Post in their neighborhood of Universal City.

Several members of this informal group originally belonged to American Legion Post No. 593 in Converse.  They started talking through informal meetings; Ed and this group reasoned that since Universal City was growing by leaps and bounds, and that no American Legion Post existed it would be ripe for such a venture.  They were not breakaways or dissatisfied with Post 593 but thought it would be a good idea to have an American Legion Post closer to their home.  Thus, the seeds were sown to establish American Legion Post No. 667.

A total of twenty seven Veterans signed the original application and the American Legion National Headquarters granted a Temporary Charter effective May 8, 1975.

These twenty seven Veterans began an active recruiting campaign to obtain members and when the Permanent Charter was granted on September 19, 1975 sixty five names were listed.  The Post did not have a name at that time and was listed as American Legion Post No. 667, Universal City, Texas.  Ed Dailey was the first Post Commander. And has since that time has transferred to Post Everlasting. Some of the early “movers and shakers” in this organization were Ed Dailey, Michael Bruno, Earl Cooley, Ed Logsdon and John Hudson.

The Auxiliary Unit of Post No. 667 was chartered on March 3, 1978 with 12 Charter members.

The Post was rechartered March 9, 1987 under the name MISSING MAN Post NO. 667, the American Legion, Department of Texas, in honor of all POW/MIAs.  There were a total of 315 members at the time, with David L. Crookham was the Post Commander at the helm.

The Sons of the American Legion (SAL) Squadron, was chartered on March 16, 1987 with a total of 40 members.

We have been able to determine who pushed to name the Post MISSING MAN.  He was a member named Sam Houston.

The Auxiliary Unit was rechartered on May 7, 1987 as Auxiliary Unit of Missing Man Post No. 667 with a total of 100 charter members.

As of June 30, 2009 the Post Membership stood at 702 members, The Ladies Auxiliary at 202 Members, and the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) Squadron at 46 Members. 

Now about our Post Home:

While working under the Temporary Charter on May 8, 1975 the Post used an old Church building located at the intersection of FM 78 and FM 1518 between Randolph Air Force Base and Schertz; this is where all formal meetings were held. This property was owned by Michael Bruno who is still a current Post member.

Mike said he let the Post use this building free of charge because they were young and had very little money to operate.  In the summer of 1977 it was discovered that a building and property, located at 504 Bowie St. in Universal City could be purchased from Diana and CD Vice at a fair price. The members voted to purchase this property and entered into a fifteen year mortgage agreement with Diana and CD. The property and the building were purchased in September 1977.

The first official meeting held at the new Post Home was the Executive Committee Meeting at 7:30 PM on September 29, 1977; the first General Membership Meeting at 8:00 PM on October 6, 1977.  Post Members and the Auxilliary Unit worked diligently to pay off the mortgage. Anything that could be legally done to earn money was done. Chances were sold on a new pickup truck, parking concessions at softball/baseball tournaments, raffels, and working long hours at the Freeman Coliseum working concession booths are just some of the things they did to build up funds.

With this kind of hard work the mortgage was paid off in ten years and the mortgage burning ceremony took place at the Post Home on March 19, 1988.  The guest speaker at this momentous event was the Department of Texas Commander EH (Hank) Namour.

When the Post first relocated to this new home only half of the building was used.  The other half was used by a business selling trophies.  Upon the expiration of their lease the partition was taken down and the canteen was moved to where it is now located.  A folding wooden curtain was installed and can be drawn across where the old partition was located to seal off the meeting room from the canteen.  Some of the improvements that have been made include installation of three new air purifiers, fencing, and later extending the fencing of the backyard, a patio, installing picnic tables, a gazebo, bar­b­que equipment, horseshoe pitching pits, addition of a cold storage room, and in September 2000 a project was put on the drawing board to improve and enlarge the kitchen.  This project was completed March 17, 2003.  The old kitchen contained 184 sq ft of usable space and with the addition it was increased to a total of 344 sq ft of useable space.  Handicap ramps have been installed outside.  The parking lot was resealed and striped in May 2005.  The Auxiliary Unit has been the life blood of this Post.  Without their devoted help this Post would not be in the position that it is today.

In addition to preparing and serving food for most occasions one of the most valued things the Auxilliary Unit does is to visit special wards at Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital and decorate this ward at Christmas time.  The patients love this and look forward to it every year.  Another accomplishment is the second Sunday Breakfast held every month.   This breakfast is open to the publicThe kitchen Witches (as some in the group jokingly call themselves) simply can not be beat when it comes to preparing and serving food. The Auxiliary has a continuing project in collecting and sending items to our Active Duty Servicemen and Ladies.  Sometimes thare are causes for monetary donations as well.  As an example donations are given to both the Universal City and Live Oak Police and Fire Departments, the Greater Randolph Area Veterans Counsel (GRAVC), Scouting, Boysville,Veterans in need, and many other worthwhile projects.

The Post House committee schedules all sorts of social events through the year.  There is at least some event each month.  We sponsor two golf tournaments a year, dart teams, (in which we sponsor two teams) that play at the Post on Thursday nights; we are currently trying to sponsor an American Legion Baseball Team with plans to expand in the near future.  IYou can also see many sporting events on one of the 5 flatscreens located in the canteen.

Our Sons of The American Legion (SAL) Squadron has not been as active as we would like.  Hopefully we will see some changes in the near future so that we have a more solid SAL presence.

This Post has also had the pleasure of supporting many District Commanders; past Commander Dan Whealen has also held the position of the Department of Texas Commander 1998 through 1999.  The Post Hall was named in his honor at the Legion birthday dinner in March 2004.


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